How did Disrupt arrive at a $10.7M valuation?

Written by Jak Wilmot (Founder)

Disrupt, Inc’s valuation has been determined internally, without a formal-third party independent evaluation. In determining how many shares to offer in this campaign, I have extrapolated the current position of the company in relation to two markets: YouTube Content & Virtual Reality content. Disrupt has a foot in the door within both of these markets through the following:


Digital Assets

  • YouTube Channel

Our elevated position lays a strong foundation for compounding growth within an advertisement-based revenue model. Additionally, This position allows us to bring viewership, numbers, and traffic to future partner’s products & services.
YouTube has seen incredible growth in recent years, with an active monthly user base of 2.5 billion and counting. Those viewers are watching more than 1 billion hours of video per day, and content creators are increasingly looking to YouTube as a platform for sharing their work. Disrupt is at the forefront of this trend, producing high-quality content that resonates with an average of 2,000,000 viewers per month.


  • Disrupt+

Our subscription video on demand platform has been developed in-house using ASP.NET Core for the backend & Vue.JS for the frontend. This allows us to retain full ownership of data, code, usage statistics uploaded to our platform. This also means we can control how value is extracted from the platform, and who profits from it. This subscription model gives us a predictable revenue stream that allows us to invest in further development of the platform and add new features and content. Our focus on developing a high-quality, user-friendly platform of our own means that we are able to charge a premium price for our subscriptions.
Intellectual Property


  • 2D Content Library: 

2400+ hours of original videos, shows, and films.
As digital content becomes increasingly prevalent, so too does the need for high-quality, original content. With over 100,000,000+ total views, our library of videos provides a strong basis for continued licensing and monetization within the digital content ecosystem.


  • Virtual Reality Content Library

Our virtual reality content library has been distributed worldwide within virtual reality cinemas in Beijing, the Netherlands, and the United States. These virtual reality installations are at the forefront of innovation, providing audiences with a next-generation entertainment experience. Our virtual reality content is developed completely in-house which has allowed us us to retain full ownership over 3D assets and characters featured within. Our intellectual property is firmly positioned at the forefront of this rapidly growing market and we are poised to capitalize on this opportunity.

1. Please State Your Name was developed in-house with original 3D assets, characters, & storylines.

2. La Camila was the Winner of Cinequest’s best Virtual Reality film of 2018. It was developed in-house with original 3D assets & characters, & storylines.



Industry Comparisons


We have identified several YouTube channels with the same revenue model as us; adsense earnings. These channels provide value to their viewers by creating videos that are entertaining, informative, or both. The value that these channels provide has resulted in a compounding growth curve, with more viewers leading to more ad revenue, which in turn leads to more growth. This is an important trend to note in the industry, as it shows that YouTube channels with high-quality content can be extremely successful the longer they remain on the platform. By understanding this trend, we can continue to produce value for our viewers and our studio as a whole.

1. MrBeast:
2020 total views: 3,000,000,000
2020 (estimated) adsense earnings: $24,000,000
2021 total views: 8,000,000,000
2021 (estimated) adsense earnings: $54,000,000

2. PewdiePie:
2020 views: 2,057,000,000
2020 (estimated) adsense earnings: $20,000,000
2021 views: 1,429,000,000
2021 (estimated) adsense earnings: $17,000,000

3. Dhar Mann:
2020 views: 1,100,000,000
2020 (estimated) adsense earnings: $7,000,000
2021 views: 5,190,000,000
2021 (estimated) adsense earnings: $31,000,000

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– Youtube monthly users:
– YouTube hours per day:
– 2018 Cinequest award:

Last updated on July 23rd, 2022